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Solutions oriented, No doesn't exist and always -no regret -just keep getting it!!! NO REGRETS- ALWAYS 110%

My Experience

About me... Well....I'm full hearted, open to anything, no is not an answer and  the grass has no time to grow under my feet!!! I have done it all from running million dollars companies, to roofing houses, or scrubbing  toilets 

My Skillset

I possess a sharp eye for detail, uncanny sense of thinking outside the box.  I work well under pressure and can produce high-quality work in short periods of time. I have strong interpersonal skills and work with a wide variety of people and always number one of NO is never an answer...

My Goals

I am looking for an opportunity to work with people that run on clear communication. I want to align myself with like minded individuals or companies that believe as a team we can create positive change. I am always looking to learn more and am open to taking on challenging projects.

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